Rural & Agribusiness Law

Speak to a lawyer who understands agribusiness. Our rural lawyers can help with farm sales, purchases, leases, contracts and RMA issues.

We provide expert legal advice in this specialised area, with a solid understanding of agribusiness principles and law. As a Northland-based business, farming is our bread and butter. So you can count on us for high quality legal advice for your agribusiness.

Farm Sales and Purchases

Buying or selling a farm, or any rural land for that matter, can be a complex transaction. So it pays to have specialist advice to avoid common pitfalls and traps. Our rural lawyers can help you understand what’s involved in a farm sale or purchase, and advise you on the implications of any easements and covenants, resource consents, existing contracts and taxation issues before you buy or sell.

Farm Contracts, Land Lease and Sharemilking Agreements

Like any business, farms rely on a wide range of contracts and agreements to function effectively. Our rural lawyers can help with preparing and advising you on farming contracts, including farm lease agreements, employment contracts and sharemilking agreements. Get expert advice before you sign any farm contract to minimise risk and ensure the terms will benefit you in the long run.

RMA Issues

We have also had considerable success in defending farmers from prosecution for breaches of their waste disposal conditions. Such prosecutions under the Resource Management Act are very costly for farmers and require specialist experience and knowledge.

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