Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our accomplished litigation team has appeared in every court and tribunal in the country, and are well versed in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. So you can count on us to advise you on the best way to resolve any dispute.

We believe in most cases, the ideal method of resolving disputes is mediation or arbitration, rather than court. We will always work to avoid court and focus on more efficient and effective methods of dispute resolution first. But if court is necessary, our litigation team will use their vast experience in both pursuing and defending claims to best represent your interests.

Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigation team has the depth of experience to assist you with all business disputes, and can guide you successfully through the commercial dispute resolution process. We help with a range of commercial disputes including commercial contracts and leases, construction disputes and restraint of trade issues.

Family Disputes

Family disputes over estates, relationship property or child custody can be upsetting for all involved, so our lawyers are here to make the process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. Our disputes lawyers will listen carefully to understand your desired outcomes, and help you decide on the best course of action to achieve a positive result, outside of court wherever possible.

Property and Land Disputes

We can help with a broad range of property disputes, including property sale and purchase disputes, land title disputes, disputes between neighbours over boundaries, trees, fencing or access, tenancy disputes and commercial property disputes. It’s always best to talk to a lawyer early for the best chance of a positive outcome in any dispute, so talk to us today.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In many cases, disputes can be resolved outside of court by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation or arbitration. We have undertaken many mediations: private, court sponsored, and judicial settlement conferences. Stuart Henderson is an accredited mediator. Members of our litigation team have undertaken a number of arbitrations including London arbitrations (LCIA and LMAA).

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