Tile Roof Replacement (Re-Roofing) Sydney


TP Roofing - Tile Roof Replacement (RE-ROOFING) SYDNEY photo The roof is one of the most important components of your home. Your tile roof not only protects your home from the weather and environmental elements, but it also has a major impact on the look, feel and value of your home. Whether you want to retain or update the look of your home, TP Roofing can assist with the terracotta/tile roof replacement in Sydney with a minimum of inconvenience.

TP Roofing prides itself on quality workmanship and service for all your title re-roofing needs. All work is carried out by fully licensed and insured tradesmen. We take particular care of your lawns and garden ensuring every job is thorough and your property is respected. On completion of the job all roof debris is removed from site. Trent pays attention to detail ensuring each tile re-roofing job is first class every time. Home Owners Warranty Insurance is provided prior to commencement for works exceeding $20,000.

TP Roofing - Concrete tile roof replacement (re-roof) Wollstonecraft As a Monier Roofing Specialist we offer expert advice on the best tile roof products to suit your roof replacement at competitive prices.

MONIER roof tiles come with a 50 YEAR structural performance guarantee that the tiles will not warp, become porous, corrode or be affected by salt or frost. Monier Terracotta roof tiles have a 50 YEAR COLOUR guarantee, ensuring your terracotta/tile roof replacement in Sydney is of premium quality.